Doubleday Dream (12U)

Doubleday Dream (12U)

Training Legends Road to Cooperstown Series

This is a 12U only tournament to help your team prepare for Cooperstown Summer 2018. All outfield fences are 200′ to replicate the Cooperstown fields. If your team is working on a Cooperstown playing strategy, the Training Legends Road to Cooperstown tournament series will help you put it to the test!

NOTE: Winners and Runners Up from both the Upper Division and Lower Division will be invited to play in the Training Legends Chase to the Dream Park Champions Invitational on May 26, 2018 – May 27, 2018.

Date(s): April 27, 2018 – April 29, 2018
Location: Marietta


  • All Tournament Players Park (ATPP)

Tournament Type: Travel
Classification: Upper Division (AAA+ to Major) + Lower Division (AA to AAA-)
Event Format: 3 game guarantee/2 pool games/single elimination bracket play


Entry Deadline: Monday, April 23, 2018
*NOTE: Registrations received after the entry deadline are subject to availability and will incur a additional $50 non-refundable fee.

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8UKP Coach's Poll Results

8uKP Coaches’ Poll Results

Week 7 4/15/2018   Week 6 3/28/2018
Rank Team   Rank Team
(were 4)
East Cobb Astros – Orange 1
(were 2)
Gainesville Braves
(were 2)
Archer Tigers 2
(were 4)
Archer Tigers
(were 7)
Sandy Plains Wildcats 3
(were 6)
BigStix Gamers (Chaffin)
Gainesville Braves 4
(were 5)
East Cobb Astros – Orange
(were 8)
Oregon Park Sharks 5
(were 1)
The Club (Red)
(were 6)
Meridian Panthers 6
(were 3)
Meridian Panthers
Force Baseball Academy (Gratzer) 7
(were 8)
Sandy Plains Wildcats
(were 5)
The Club (Red) 8
(were 7)
Oregon Park Sharks
(were 10)
Dingers Athletics 9
(were 10)
(were 3)
BigStix Gamers (Chaffin) 10
(were 9)
Dingers Athletics

If you’re an 8uKP coach in our system, look for an email from us each Monday with a link to rank the teams.Thank you to the 8uKP coaches who voted this week!

Results are posted each Wednesday.