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Cooperstown: Thoughts from a 7-time Attendee (Pt. 1)

By Andre Torres / December 5, 2017

When it comes to the Cooperstown Dreams Park Experience, Coach Jeff Stern’s history and insights are matched by few in the travel baseball community. Having made the trip to New York seven times already, he is currently planning for his eighth visit. Coach Stern has put together a thorough treatise on the Cooperstown Experience, and…

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How to run your first baseball or softball practice: ideas for the new coach

By Andre Torres / December 5, 2017

For the new baseball or softball coach (or even seasoned veterans) the first practice of the year can be a daunting challenge to get through.  Getting to know new players, families, setting expectations and routines for the team, and establishing a culture are all objectives for the coach to try to accomplish in the first session…

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Cooperstown Dreams Park Experience General FAQ

By Andre Torres / November 29, 2017

Is your travel baseball team preparing to go to Cooperstown later this year or next summer? If so, we’ve put together answers to key questions that are part of the planning process. Planning for the Cooperstown Dreams Park typically begins at least a year in advance of when a team actually plays, and there are…

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Cooperstown Q&A: What is the Schedule for the Week of the Cooperstown Dreams Park Experience?

By Andre Torres / November 28, 2017

The Cooperstown Dreams Park Experience is a highlight of the childhoods of its participants.  It is a unique event in that for entire summers, it consistently draws in baseball teams and organizations from all over the country to not play baseball and compete for a championship, but also to meet individuals from and learn about…

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Hitting Drill Video – Push Drill for Extension from Diamond Directors

By Andre Torres / November 26, 2017

Skill: Hitting Focus: Contact & Extension Through the Ball Equipment Needs: Bat and Coach/Assistant In the video below, C.J. Stewart of Diamond Directors provides a quick and easy drill that can be used to help players focus on driving through the ball and finishing their swings. This is an activity that introduces resistance principles to help…

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How to find a good baseball instructor or coach for your player

By Andre Torres / November 24, 2017

Finding a quality baseball instructor for your player is easy: Move in next door to a former player, preferably a major league baseball alum. Make sure he has exclusive access to an indoor training facility, and guaranteed field time at a local park when the weather is nice. Ask him to coach up your kid. Make…

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Cooperstown Q&A: Grandfather Certificates

By Andre Torres / November 20, 2017

All about Grandfather Certificates! The Cooperstown Dreams Park Experience is a major destination for the 12U age group in travel baseball. With 13 weeks of tournaments every summer, and about 100 teams each week, odds are that some of the talent on display will consist of future college and professional players.  Add in the camp-like…

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Hitting Drill Video – Wall Drill for Extension from Diamond Directors

By Andre Torres / November 15, 2017

  Wall Drill – FINISH STRONG! Skill: Hitting Focus: Extension / End of Swing Equipment Needs: Bat In the video below, C.J. Stewart of Diamond Directors provides a quick and easy drill that can be used to help players focus on extension and finishing their swings. If your player struggles to swing through the ball and…

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Cooperstown Q&A: Wait, we need to provide an umpire?

By Andre Torres / October 30, 2017

  There are many logistical concerns a team has to account for as it plans to attend The Cooperstown Dreams Park Experience.  From application, to fundraising, to travel planning and more, the whole event will take months of preparation.  One key piece of the puzzle that must be accounted for is the umpire that a…

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14 Great Topics to Teach to Beginner Baseball or Softball Players

By Andre Torres / October 20, 2017

  In baseball or softball, it’s hard for a new coach to understand where to start or what should be taught when they take on the challenge of leading a group of youngsters in a season.  The list below is intended to serve as a guide for new coaches and a reminder for experienced coaches…

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