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Baseball DIY Projects – An Awesome Garage Batting Cage!

Recently our friends at the United Baseball Parents of America Facebook group shared some photos and information from a very cool DIY baseball project featuring a fully functional (and collapsible) batting cage inside a garage! We got some good feedback after sharing the post on our own Facebook page, so we decided to reach out…

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What size baseball bat should my player use?

For new and even experienced baseball parents and coaches, figuring out what bat a player should use can be an intimidating process. With a wide variety of materials, manufacturers, sizes, and other variables, figuring out the best bat for player is not always easy.   The ultimate answer to the bat to get for a…

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How fast is that kid throwing the baseball?

Here’s an easy-to-understand chart to see what the equivalent pitching velocity for youth baseball (ages 8U-12U) would be on a full-size playing field. (Click to Enlarge) Most travel and all star baseball players will have a throwing velocity that is 5 times the player’s age: 7 years old = 35 MPH 8 years old =…

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