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Cooperstown Cup

Welcome to the Road to Cooperstown

Standings as of 3/18

Training Legends' 2019 Cooperstown Cup tournament schedule is now available. These tournaments are exclusively for 12u teams as they prepare for the big show next summer in Cooperstown, New York.

At the end of the season, the team with the most points will be named Cooperstown Cup Champions, and prizes will be awarded by the following points system per tournament:

  • First Place: 5 Points
  • Second Place: 4 Points
  • Third and Fourth Place: 3 Points
  • Rest of Gold Bracket: 2 Points
  • Silver Bracket Finish: 1 Point (A bonus point will be rewarded for the silver champion)

These points will be awarded separately for the AAA+ and AAA- divisions each tournament and standings will be kept separate from each other as we will have a AAA+ Cup winner and AAA- Cup winner.

You can not transfer points between the two divisions if you are moved and you must play in three tournaments in a division in order to be eligible to win that division's cup. More information to come in regards to rules and policies of the Cooperstown Cup.

Sign up and see who's coming by clicking on these tournaments below before the reach capacity and you miss your chance to play in these exclusive tournaments for Cooperstown preparation!


1st Place: 5 Points

  • Sandy Plains Wildcats

2nd Place: 4 Points

  • Kennesaw Generals

3rd Place: 3 Points

  • Georgia Jackets
  • Ocee Orioles

5th Place: 2 Points

  • East Cobb Cubs
  • ECB Yankees

7th Place: 1 Point

  • Service Baseball Force Recon
  • USA Prime
  • Charlie Culberson (Red)
  • Georgia Bombers


1st Place: 5 Points

  • The Club (Red)

2nd Place: 4 Points

  • East Cobb Braves

3rd Place: 3 Points

  • Roswell Green Hornets
  • Roswell Black Hornets

5th Place: 2 Points

  • Kennesaw Xpress
  • Marietta Bombers
  • Bombers - Ageuros
  • ES Rawlings SE - Blue
  • Team Elite Sluggers

10th Place: 1 Point

  • Acworth Warriors
  • Buford Elite
  • Canton Select
  • East Cobb Angels
  • Oregon Park Panthers
  • Sandy Plains Wildcats - Blue

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