D-Bat Atlanta presents the Training Legends Super Sunday Showdown Series Travel Baseball Tournaments!

D-Bat Atlanta presents the Training Legends Super Sunday Showdown Series Travel Baseball Tournaments!

Our friends at D-Bat Atlanta have once again partnered with us to bring a great offering as part of our Fall Tournament schedule!

Travel baseball teams will love the prizes and giveaways that are in store for every player that particpates in the Super Sunday Showdown series of tournaments in Georgia!

Get all the details below!

Participation & Giveaway Offer Terms

Participant Eligibility

Tournament participants become eligible for D-BAT Atlanta Giveaways (coupons, promotions, and/or prize packages) by playing in a specified Training Legends 2018 Super Sunday Showdown event:

  • Showdown #1 (East or West) - September 16, 2018
  • Showdown #2 (East or West) - October 7, 2018
  • Showdown #3 (East, West, or South) - October 21, 2018

D-BAT will verify participant eligibility and championship winners with Training Legends at the conclusion of each event.

Giveaway distribution begins once verification is complete.

Offer Details

ALL players on a team will receive the Giveaways applicable to their individual tournament participation, as follows:

  • Showdown #1: $20 in D-BAT Bucks + 15% Pro Shop Coupon
  • Showdown #2: 20% Off D-BAT Camp Registration + Free 30-minute Pitching Lesson
  • Showdown #3: Free 30-min Hitting Lesson + Free 1/2 Hour Cage Rental


  • ALL participants in a Showdown Series event will receive a single $55 D-BAT Bucks *MEGA COUPON*.
  • Only one Mega Coupon is provided, regardless of the total number of Showdown events in which a player participates.

Champions and Runners Up

  • 1st & 2nd Place Championship Teams will get a free Team Pizza Party (details below) at their local D-BAT Atlanta facility.
  • A team is only eligible to receive one team party, regardless of the total number of championship wins or runner-up finishes they have during the entire 2018 Showdown Series.

Giveaway Descriptions

D-BAT Bucks can be used for Cage Rental or Cage Credits

  • Cage Rental = $55/hr. - must be booked in 1-hour increments. Comes with a bucket of balls and a tee.
  • 1 Cage Credit = 15 pitches (machine has variable speeds)

Team Party includes:

  • Party Room (2 hours)
  • Field Area (1 hour)
  • 2 Pizzas

Pitching or Hitting Lesson

  • Includes 30 minutes of instruction by one of D-BAT's professional coaches.
  • See Redemption section for scheduling requirements.


  • Camps are offered at all D-BAT Atlanta locations and scheduled throughout the year, particularly during school breaks.
  • 20% discount coupon can be applied to registration for any future camp date, but registration must be completed before the promotion period ends on 12/31/2018.

15% Pro Shop Coupon

  • Can be used to buy one item from your local D-BAT Pro Shop at 15% off the regular purchase price.
  • Coupon cannot be applied to previous purchases or used in combination with any other sales discounts or promotional offers.

Giveaway Distribution

D-BAT Atlanta is solely responsible for distribution and fulfillment of all the Giveaways in this promotion. All related questions should be sent to the email address provided:

To claim Giveaways

  • Parents and team reps must send requests to this e-mail address:
  • Requests may not be made earlier than one day after tournament play has ended.
  • Requests sent prior to the tournament's conclusion will not be acknowledged.

Coupon Redemption

  • Coupon use requires profile setup and signed waiver on file at player's "Home D-BAT Location"
  • A coupon / code:
    • Can only be used once per player, at player's Home Location
    • Cannot be used in combination with other promo offers
  • Only one coupon / code can be used per visit
  • Visits for all services must be scheduled at the player's Home Location
  • Credits for machine pitches can be used any day, at any time, but coupons cannot be used to book Cage Rentals on rainy days
  • All coupons / codes for this Training Legends 2018 Showdown offer expire on December 31, 2018.

All D-BAT Atlanta facilities are participating in this Showdown Series Giveaway Offer, so click here to find the D-BAT Home Location nearest you:

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