This is the Equipment a New Baseball Coach Needs to Have

It can be tricky sometimes for a new (and even an experienced) baseball coach to know what equipment is needed to get through a season. For coaches from T-Ball up through all-stars and travel organizations, having the right gear available can help provide a strong, organized experience for you and your players.

Unlike some sports such as basketball or soccer, baseball is an equipment-heavy activity for coaches and players alike. With that in mind, we've listed out here some of the key items that coach will want to have. Now, we know it's an investment of time and effort to be a coach, and these suggestions may seem like an additional burden. Don't worry though, in many cases equipment is provided by leagues and organization, and you may even have some of the items laying around the house or garage.

Here's the list, with most important items in bold:

  •  Baseballs

    • Baseballs for practice (3-4 dozen)
    • Baseballs for games (1-2 per game, often provided by league or organization)
    • 5- or 6-gallon bucket to hold the baseballs (it helps to maybe of a couple of these)
    • Wiffle Balls (1-2 dozen)

  • Team Gear

    • Catcher's Gear (often provided by the park or organization)
    • Equipment Bag
    • Fielder's Mask (for the pitcher in coach-pitch)
    • Extra Batting Helmet
    • Extra Fielding Glove (you never know when a player may forget his glove!)

  • Hitting Equipment

    • Bat
    • Batting Tee
    • Portable Bat Rack

  • Organizational Supplies

    • Clipboard
    • Scorebook
    • Pens / Pencils
    • Buckets for player gear in the dugout (especially useful for younger ages)
    • Collapsible Wagon
    • Tape Measure
    • Throw Down Bases
    • Plastic Cones

This list is definitely non-exhaustive, but should help the new baseball coach understand what kind of gear will help him (or her) be successful with their team. The list of additional products a coach might find useful is nearly endless: items such as weighted balls, heavy bats, pop-up nets, mini balls, tablets, water coolers, space heaters, and so on can be used over the course of a season to make things easier and provide additional tools to help the players learn and grow in the game!

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