What ages do you coach?

We train baseball players ages 7 and up.  We focus on different skills at different ages as the player grow.  Our players play rec ball, All Stars, travel ball, high school, college, and professional baseball.

Where do you offer training?

We coach teams and individuals in Northwest Georgia focusing primarily in Cobb, Douglas, and Bartow counties.


Is professional training only for elite players?

Absolutely not!  Our philosophy is that all players, if they are interested in improving their skills, will enjoy and benefit from our coaching. Beginning players will love the game of baseball if they have the skills they need to be proud of their performance on the field, even if that performance was simply hitting the ball or stopping a grounder. Intermediate players may want to try to play infield or hit the ball farther than they have in the past.  Again, if a child wants to improve at any level, Training Legends will be a great help!

Do you have training options for different budgets?

We sure do.  One-on-one training is a super choice but does cost a little more.  For those more budget conscious families, our small group training, camps, and one-time clinics are a terrific way to get professional coaching for your son with a smaller investment.

What will my son learn in a training session?

In short, your son will learn sound mechanics that will help him build his confidence and skills.  We have found that players are most open to feedback and instruction from coaches who have been in their shoes and have gone on to play at the highest levels.  We hire only coaches who have the temperament and experience to coach kids in a way that works for kids.

There are a lot of youth baseball coaches out there.  Why should I choose Training Legends?

A great coach can make a big impact in the life of a child.  Our coaches have played the game at the highest levels, really enjoy coaching young people, and have proven skills in coaching youth in positive and encouraging ways.  The quality of our coaches playing experience combined with their ability to connect with and coach kids makes us unique.


Is Training Legends affiliated with a specific travel team?

Training Legends does not have its own travel team program. Rather, our coaches work with all sorts of travel teams to help develop the team as a whole as well as the individual players on that team.

Can I choose one Training Legends coach for all my team training?

Of course!  We think all of our coaches are fantastic but we know that both team coaches and players like continuity and build relationships with coaches they work with on an ongoing basis.  If you prefer to work with only one of our coaches for all your training sessions we can easily arrange that.

How much does it cost to work with Training Legends to help improve my team's skills?

We work with each team coach to design a specific program for that team's needs.  We can offer anything from a one-time session focusing on one particular skill to a series of sessions focusing on a variety of skills.  We will work together create a plan that fits both your coaching needs and your budget.


How can Training Legends help us with volunteer coach recruitment and retention?

Parents are often reluctant to volunteer to coach their child’s team if they feel their own baseball skills are not deep or if they do not know how to effectively run a quality practice or strategize for a game.  Our Training Legends coaches will develop a customized program to give your volunteer coaches the confidence and enthusiasm they need to volunteer to coach and to have a great experience as a coach.  Using our services as an incentive during your coach recruitment process will increase the number of volunteer coaches and, subsequently, their positive experience and coaching skill growth will keep them coming back season after season.

How can Training Legends help us improve the quality and size of our baseball program?

Baseball leagues grow when they offer a great experience for parents, players, and the whole community.  The great experience is a result of solid league leadership (which we can't help with!) combined with excellent coaching (which we can definitely help with!) and positive parent involvement.

We work with your league management/board to design a custom program to improve the quality (and quantity - see the previous question) of your volunteer coaching and to supplement your volunteer coaches with professional assistance where needed i.e. pitching training.  Our Training Legends coaches can train your volunteer coaches:

  • how to run an effective practice
  • specific drills for specific skills
  • base running strategies for third base coaches
  • batting and fielding lineup gametime strategies
  • anything else you can think up that will help your volunteer coaches!

Additionally, our Training Legends coaches can work directly with your volunteer coaches and teams to:

  • provide pitching training
  • supplement team practices with our coaches
  • anything else you can think up that will help your teams!

All of our league programs are custom designed and priced to meet your league's needs.  We are flexible and creative!