Hitting Drill Video – Wall Drill for Extension from Diamond Directors

Hitting Drill Video – Wall Drill for Extension from Diamond Directors



Skill: Hitting

Focus: Extension / End of Swing

Equipment Needs: Bat

In the video below, C.J. Stewart of Diamond Directors provides a quick and easy drill that can be used to help players focus on extension and finishing their swings. If your player struggles to swing through the ball and extend after contact, this drill could be a good starting point to isolate that aspect of the swing and help them.

In addition to being an easy drill to complete and get instant environmental feedback, this is an activity that requires absolute minimal equipment and setup. All you need is a bat and a wall, and you’re ready to go. An entire team could be working on this while another player is taking his or her swings in the cage.



Diamond Directors Hitting Drill Videos

Baseball hitting drill videos are a cottage industry on sites like youtube and other video platforms.  Finding quality information from experts can be a challenge for parents, coaches, and players, often leading to confusion and frustration when the objective is simply to find actionable insights that can help a player improve.

Fortunately for us, C.J. Stewart has graciously allowed us to share some of his top-notch hitting drill videos through our platform. C.J. is a nationally-known instructor whose expertise and guidance has helped athletes reach and exceed their potential at levels from youth through to the major leagues.

We look forward to sharing his videos, which will hopefully be valuable for you and your players as you look to develop baseball skills and grow in the game.

Look for more great hitting drill clips from C.J. Stewart at the Diamond Directors YouTube channel, and follow his blog for more great insights!

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