How to post your travel baseball tryout on Training Legends Baseball event calendar!

How to add your baseball tryout to the Training Legends Baseball Event Calendar

How to add your baseball tryout to the Training Legends Baseball Event Calendar

As tryout season approaches for travel baseball, we know coaches want to use every option to spread the word about their tryout schedule. With options from message boards to Facebook posts to sites like, there are countless methods to try to reach the players and parents you would like to attract.

Post your tryout on!

The Training Legends Baseball Event Calendar is another option you can consider. We have Tournaments, Camps, Fan Fests, and Showcases listed there, and we can add team tryouts as well. These events can be filtered by date, location, and age group, providing easy options for users seeking your information.  We also cross-post all tryout events to our growing Facebook  audience, helping to raise awareness.

Here’s how to add your tryout to the Training Legends Baseball Events Calendar:

  1. Email
  2. Subject: Tryout info for [insert team name]
  3. Include this information:
    • Team Name
    • Age Group
    • City/State of tryout
    • Address of tryout location
    • Tryout Date(s) – we can list multiple events for the same team
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Phone Number
    • Contact Email
    • Cost
    • Team/Organization Website (optional)
    • Additional background info on team, organization, or coaches (optional)
    • Team/Organization logo or Flyer Graphic (optional)

We’ll add your event to the calendar and place it in the rotation for posting on Facebook.

Showcase Series Events

We know many area coaches around Georgia like to attend the Training Legends Showcase Series to identify talent, and sometimes there can be a conflict in dates which keeps a coach from being able to attend. With that in mind, here are the tentative dates for the 2018 Training Legends Showcase Series (dates will be finalized by June 1):

  1. July 14 – Dacula, GA
  2. July 21 – Chattanooga, TN
  3. July 28 – Marietta, GA (East Cobb 7U-12U)
  4. July 29 – Atlanta, GA (Gresham Park)
  5. August 4 – Marietta, GA (East Cobb 13U+)

Registration is free as always for coaches, along with the opportunity to meet with parents and see players who may not otherwise attend your tryout. We expect anywhere from 15-30 players in attendance for each age group.

Full details and FAQ for the Showcase Series are here.

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