training legends photography criteria

How Training Legends decides which teams to take pictures of

How Training Legends decides which teams to take pictures of

We get this question all the time, and there’s not a great answer that will make everyone happy all the time (yet).

Our photographers are awesome and the casual and action shots they get are unmatched in the industry!

Here’s some background on the program:

  • Due to limited resources, we are unable to guarantee coverage for every team at every tournament.
  • Additional impacts due to weather affect our ability to photograph teams on Sunday that we are unable to get on Saturday.
  • Photography services are not included in registration fees and as such the offering is self-funded.

With 1-3 photographers each weekend, we determine coverage by these criteria:

  1. has a team prepaid for us to come out and cover their games.
  2. based on the photographers’ availability, which parks have the most teams and fields, providing the opportunity to cover the most teams in one ‘shift’.

For example in a given weekend with about 100 teams participating, we may to cover 30-40 of them. That ratio will vary every weekend.

If you are at the park and see a Training Legends photographer (someone wearing a Training Legends hat and/or shirt, and taking pictures), feel free to politely ask them to get some photos of your player or team. They may be at the end of a shift meaning it might be candid shots, or they may be able to cover a portion of your game for action.

If you’re interested in pre-paying for coverage for your team, email The cost is $100, includes coverage for one game for action shots, and any individual or team photos that are needed. You will receive a link and code to download the pictures at no additional charge (this by itself is a $30 value).

Additionally, you can check in the week before an event to see if we will have someone planned for your location and times based on the criteria above. If schedules and resources align, we will make sure someone is there to get the pictures for your team.  This option is free of charge and you will need to purchase any images you wish to download separately.

Thanks for being such great fans!

See you at the ballpark!

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