Battle for the 8U Kings of Kid Pitch Cup!

Kings of Kid Pitch Series

Training Legends' 2019 Kings of Kid Pitch Series presented by Better Baseball tournament schedule is now available. These tournaments are exclusively for 8uKP teams.

Points are awarded after each qualifier to determine final seeding for Kings of Kid Pitch finale where we will find the true champion. The points will be awarded following the structure below:

  • First Place: 5 Points
  • Second Place: 4 Points
  • Third and Fourth Place: 3 Points
  • Rest of Gold Bracket: 2 Points
  • Silver Bracket Finish: 1 Point (A bonus point will be rewarded for the silver champion)

Sign up and see who's coming by clicking on these tournaments below before they reach capacity and you miss your chance to play in these exclusive tournaments for Kings of Kid Pitch!

Standings as of 3/18

1st Place: 7 Points

  • FCA/Hitter's Park Cardinals

2nd Place: 5 Points

  • East Cobb Astros - White
  • Buford Green
  • Hopewell Hawks

5th Place: 4 Points

  • Turn2'
  • Meridian Panthers

7th Place: 3 Points

  • East Cobb Astros - Orange
  • CMSB Squeeze
  • Georgia Academy Power
  • Mountain View Bears
  • Archer Tigers
  • Elite Sluggers

13th Place: 2 Points

  • East Cobb Astros - Navy
  • STaF 1057s

15th Place: 1 Point

  • Oregon Park Mavericks
  • Buford Elite

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