Training Legends Players Combine

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Event Details

  • Dates and Locations
    • July 13, 2019, 11 AM - 2PM - All Tournament Players Park, Marietta, GA (7U/8U/13U)
    • July 14, 2019, 1 PM - 4PM - All Tournament Players Park, Marietta, GA (9U/10U/11U/12U)
  • Age Groups
    • 7U-13U will be accommodated at each event, unless otherwise indicated.
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This form is currently closed for submissions. Coaches can walk up for the Players Combine. 7/13 event for 7U/8U/13U starts at 11 AM at ATPP. 7/14 session for 9U/10U/11U/12U starts at 1 PM at ATPP.