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Players Combine Resources

The Training Legends Players Combine is a great event for travel and recreational baseball players to gain exposure to local coaches while also receiving a fair and objective evaluation of their skills at a point in time of their development.

The resources on this page provide insight for parents and coaches so they know what to expect from various aspects of the event. Whether you’re interested in the agenda for the day, the communication after the event between coaches and families, or the learning about the EvalGenius system to review performance results, the information here will help attendees prepare for the day.

Registration and FAQs for the Training Legends Players Combine can be found on our main Players Combine page.

Parent Resources

Showcase Event Schedule
How to View Results
Communication from Coaches

Thanks so much for your effort and all you do for youth baseball.  I was impressed with the organization and positive structure of the Players Combine event. My son is now in his second year of working to reach the “competitive levels” of youth baseball and loving every minute of it. This was an incredibly valuable baseline for him. . .to see other kids at his age group and how they play. He was excited to continue to “get after it” following yesterday’s showcase!

Chris E.

9U Parent

Coach Resources

Coaches - Player Contact Instructions
Coaches - Showcase Event Schedule

Video Library (These videos apply to Players Combine even though the refer to the Showcase Series)

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