Legend of the Week

Welcome to the home of the Legend of the Week program from Training Legends! This program is designed to recognize young men and women in the area who are excelling for their teams and communities in areas of Service, Academics, Leadership, or Perseverance. Beyond the home runs, strikeouts, and webgems, we want to make sure that youngsters are getting the kudos they deserve off the field.  These are more than simply baseball or softball players; these are the future leaders in our communities, and we’re excited to recognize them as such!

Meet our Legends of the Week


Frozen Run (9U) (US – Northeast Region)

Trey is an ultimate team player in every aspect. Win or lose he is always cheering on his teammates and lifting their spirits. He has a mind of his own and will do amazing things in his life.


West Cobb Red Sox 10U (US - Southeast Region)

Jamie has had to become a temporary big brother really quick. His little cousins were placed in our care very suddenly recently, and he has stepped up and become the big helper that his family needs! He has the biggest heart, on and off the field, and loves to serve others! He is in heaven helping his parents with his cousins! He has always wanted to be a big brother. This may not be the idea he was thinking of, but he has stepped up to the challenge with such a big heart!!


Adairsville Bandits 9U (US - Southeast Region)

Blaine is being recognized for his excellent performance in the classroom this fall! He has shown great determination in building and maintaining and average of 96 and above, and achieving Principal’s List honors at his school. Blaine has also participated in both football and baseball this season, and has not allowed the strenuous schedule to impact his academic responsibilities.


Fury 10U (US - Southeast Region)

Bryce is a great asset to his team, school, and community! In addition to being and leader and participating in 3 sports, Bryce has continued to maintain all A’s in his classwork. Both on the field and in the classroom he is a great example for himself and others!


The Club 11U (US - Southeast Region)

For both Academics and Leadership, we are excited to highlight all of the achievements of this Scholar Athlete in Service. Jayden finished out last school year with the Principles List (all As), Citizenship award for leadership in the classroom, and outstanding band first chair saxophones. He is also one of the leaders for this Club Hustle baseball team who will begin their 11U season soon.


9U Game On Baseball (US - Southeast Region)

While Witt is a leader on the baseball and football field he also maintains all A’s and has been inducted into the national junior beta club. He has been recognized by his teachers for excellent conduct and he strives to put others first. Witt’s attitude of service makes him a true leader at home, school, and on the ballfield.