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At Training Legends, we’ve learned that there are two keys to success with both recruiting and retaining volunteer coaches:

  1. Offer volunteers the training they need, and they’ll have confidence to do the job well.
  2. Make the experience fun, and they’ll want to do it again.

Training Legends Coaches Clinics are designed to put those keys in your hands. We will work with your organization to develop a customized program that gives your volunteer coaches the confidence and enthusiasm they need to coach their teams well and to have a great experience.

Our professional Training Legends coaches can teach your volunteer coaches:

  • How to run an effective practice
  • Specific drills for specific skills
  • Base running strategies for third base coaches
  • Batting and fielding lineup gametime strategies
  • Anything else you can think up that will help your volunteer coaches

Because all of Training Legends’ league programs are designed with you in mind, we can be flexible and creative in putting together a plan that fits both your coaching needs and your budget.

Using our services as an incentive during your coach recruitment process will increase the number of volunteers willing to step up. Once they’ve been trained, their positive experience and coaching skill growth will keep them coming back season after season.

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We differentiate ourselves by offering personalized "concierge" style service to our teams and families. Please call us at (404) 382-7899 or email us at if we can help in any way.

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8UKP Coach's Poll Results

8uKP Coaches’ Poll Results

Week 7 4/15/2018   Week 6 3/28/2018
Rank Team   Rank Team
(were 4)
East Cobb Astros – Orange 1
(were 2)
Gainesville Braves
(were 2)
Archer Tigers 2
(were 4)
Archer Tigers
(were 7)
Sandy Plains Wildcats 3
(were 6)
BigStix Gamers (Chaffin)
Gainesville Braves 4
(were 5)
East Cobb Astros – Orange
(were 8)
Oregon Park Sharks 5
(were 1)
The Club (Red)
(were 6)
Meridian Panthers 6
(were 3)
Meridian Panthers
Force Baseball Academy (Gratzer) 7
(were 8)
Sandy Plains Wildcats
(were 5)
The Club (Red) 8
(were 7)
Oregon Park Sharks
(were 10)
Dingers Athletics 9
(were 10)
(were 3)
BigStix Gamers (Chaffin) 10
(were 9)
Dingers Athletics

If you’re an 8uKP coach in our system, look for an email from us each Monday with a link to rank the teams.Thank you to the 8uKP coaches who voted this week!

Results are posted each Wednesday.