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Join us at the first Training Legends Showcase Series for Youth Baseball!

Save time and money, and gain valuable exposure by attending our event!

  • Date: July 23, 2017
  • Times:
    • Session 1: 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM (8U/9U/10U)
    • Session 2: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM (11U/12U/13U)
  • Location: East Cobb Baseball Complex, Fields 4-8
  • Address: 4617 Lee Waters Rd, Marietta, GA 30066
  • Age Groups (based on 2017/18 playing age):
    • Session 1: 8U/9U/10U
    • Session 2: 11U/12U/13U
  • Cost: $50/player with 50% discount for all siblings registered at the same time
  • On-site registration will take place beginning 30 minutes before the start time for each session on the day of the event.
  • Questions: email us at

This event is open to travel, all-star, and rec baseball players, and is designed to provide an opportunity for players to demonstrate their skills and receive an objective evaluation.

Our evaluators have over 100 combined years of experience coaching and scouting at all levels of baseball, from youth to college and professional leagues.  Their opinions and evaluations will be unbiased and will reflect their expertise in the game.

Within a week of the event, players and their families, as well as coaches, will receive a detailed breakdown of the player's performance and how his or her results compare to their peers.


What’s in it for the players:

  • Opportunity to showcase their skills and athleticism in front of multiple coaches
  • Gain an assessment of their development at a point in time that can be used as a reference or baseline for future growth
  • Receive a full and unbiased evaluation from youth and professional baseball experts on these areas:
    • Throwing: arm strength and accuracy
    • Fielding: infield and outfield plays (and catching for players who catch)
    • Pitching: accuracy
    • Hitting: bat speed and accuracy
    • Athleticism: sprint speed

What’s in it for the parents:

  • Save time and money from not having to attend multiple tryouts or team workouts
  • Players will be evaluated fairly by experts in the game
  • Access to their player’s evaluation and performance data, including where he or she falls in the spectrum of their peers
  • Coaches from multiple local travel teams will be in attendance meaning your player will gain more exposure from just one workout
  • Player performance data will be shared with coaches; contact information will be withheld unless parents explicitly approve

What’s in it for the coaches who attend:

  • An opportunity to see players that they otherwise may never get to see
  • Be able to speak to parents and communicate the benefits of their programs
  • Step back and observe players without having to worry about the operational aspects of hosting your own tryout
  • Access to the detailed breakdown of the performance of each player as determined by expert evaluators
  • Option to notify parents of their interest in specific players through our reporting platform

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a tryout for a Training Legends baseball team?
    • This is an opportunity for players to demonstrate and be evaluated on their skills, and gain exposure to coaches of local teams.  Training Legends does not operate travel baseball teams.
  • How long will the event last?
    • The baseball activities will begin 30 minutes after the start time listed above, and will last for approximately 3 hours.  On site registration begins at 30 minutes before the listed start time.
  • What should my player bring?
    • Any and all baseball equipment as if attending a typical team practice, along with water or a sports drink.
    • Players should wear baseball pants and cleats or turf shoes.
  • Who will be evaluating the players?
    • Experts from the Training Legends staff as well as coaches from teams in the player’s age group.
  • Am I guaranteed to receive an offer to join a team?
    • Coaches will be in attendance, but are under no obligation to offer roster spots to the players. Coaches will receive the performance data and can use that along with their own observations to determine whether a particular player will be a potential fit for their team.
  • Will you be sharing my player’s personal info?
    • If a coach is interested in your player, you will receive a request from him via email with his contact info, at which point you can decide whether to pursue the opportunity.
    • All data collected will be used solely for the purposes of player evaluation; information will not be sold under any circumstances.
  • What if the event is rained out?
  • What system is being used to record and track player performance data?
    • We will be using EvalGenius. This will allow our evaluators to record their assessments using their mobile devices and the EvalGenius App.  This cloud-based solution will greatly reduce the time needed to compile and summarize the event data.
    • Parents will receive a unique code that will allow them to retrieve their player’s assessment results, make updates to their player’s contact info, or flip a flag to add or remove their player from the coaches’ results view.
      • To see how this works for individual player evaluation results, enter the code below at this page: Player Performance Details
        • Sample Code: CB00B2445D274B048DD45D04EF8A2462 
    • Coaches will receive a separate unique code that will allow them to retrieve the summarized and individual results from the event, and give them the ability to submit their contact info to parents if there is a player they would like to pursue.
      • To see how this works for player evaluation results for a group, enter the code below at this page: Tryout Eval Details Report
        • Sample Code: 8532365DDF244E4797A1F25C88EB38F9
    • Coaches will not see any personal information for players.
  • My player already is on a team for next year; should I attend?
    • This is an opportunity to receive a full assessment and the accompanying data, which can be used as benchmark for the player’s growth and development.
    • Our registration form includes the option to suppress your player’s evaluation data; this way coaches will only be contacting players who are looking to join a team.
  • What is the cost for coaches to attend and access the results of the showcase?
    • Attendance is free for coaches to attend and observe the Showcase Series.
    • In order to receive the access code for the results (and the ability to reach out to parents of players through the system we are using), coaches need to complete the  Training Legends Showcase Series Coach Registration form.

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