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We have a philosophy around here: 

Train your players, and you’ll have a team with great players. Train your players and coaches together, and you’ll have a great team.

Training Legends’ team development program is one of a kind. Our baseball professionals start by meeting with your coaches to understand their goals, then schedule training sessions that work with the team’s practice schedule. When they take to the field these pros run unique drills, teaching players and coaches the skills and strategies they need to reach those goals. Working together they play better, both as individuals and as a team.

We know that every team is different, so we customize our training to fit your team’s needs. Training packages are designed to focus on specific skills – pitching, fielding, and batting – and will be geared towards the skill level of your players.

Whether you need a one-time session focusing on a single skill or a series of sessions focusing on a variety of skills, Training Legends will work with you to create a plan that fits both your coaching needs and your budget.

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