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At Training Legends we take an innovative approach to youth sports. Our tournaments, training, and showcase tryouts are designed to deliver the same world-class experience to every team, coach, player, and parent we serve – regardless of age, league or skill level.

We believe sports should be fun, play should be fair, and the process should be easy. That’s why we provide concierge service to every team, from helping you select the right tournament to finding the best professionals to train your coaches and players.


At Training Legends, we’re not just in the business of turning players into champions. We’re in the business of leading youth to become legends in their own time.

We believe the most valuable lessons in life can be found on a diamond:

  • How to set goals and develop a strategy for achieving them.
  • How teams can do more when everyone works together, and giving your best is what makes your team better.
  • That when you work hard you’re going to get dirty, and the best thing about mistakes is what you learn by making them.
  • That when you fall down – and yes, you’re going to fall down – it’s time to get up, shake it off, and get back in the game.
  • And that playing with integrity, honesty, and respect for others is what legends do.

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