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Tournament Registration

Wednesday the week of the tournament by 10pm.

There is no hard and fast rule for classifying your team. But here are some guidelines.

  • “A" teams play at the highest level of All Star Baseball. You win most games and are usually in contention to win the tournament. Lots of skilled players. There are fewer "A" teams than "B" teams.
  • "B" teams are the next highest level of All Star Baseball. If you don't know, start out as "B". "B" level teams are average all star teams.  If your team is occasionally in contention to win a tournament, and you have good but not overwhelming pitching, then consider yourself an "B" team. The majority of teams are "B" teams.
  • "C" teams play at the lowest level of All Star baseball. These are entry level teams. Possibly teams with very few or no skilled players or pitchers. If you've played before and find yourself losing most games, or have mostly all or all players who are new to the sport (unless it is the first year in the sport for everyone), then consider yourself a C team. There are fewer "C" teams than "B" teams.

We do it based upon how you classified your team (A, B or C for All Stars and Major, AAA, AA, A for Travel) and our knowledge of your team and other teams playing in your age division, as well as the number of teams and the number of divisions we have (gold, silver, bronze). We also factor in schedule requests.

Registration closes on the Friday the week before the tournament at 6PM.

When registration closes.

Teams are waitlisted when the current number of spots available are filled up. When a slot opens, or more slots become available because of additional fields, you will be moved from the waitlist to the penciled in list and you can then secure your spot by paying.

Yes, on your coach's dashboard in the "My Tournaments" page you will see button labeled "Special Request". From there you can enter any request you want for us to take into consideration when creating the schedule.

Rules and Policies


Download the Tourney Machine app for your smartphone or check our website. There is a link for the current weekend’s tournament on our home page. Click it and it will take you to the results, including game scores and pitch counts. Please allow at least 30 minutes after your game finishes for the results to be entered.

A team gate fee is a single fee that the team pays once with the registration fee. The team gate fee covers the individual entry fees for everyone associated with the team - all players, families, and fans. When there is a team gate fee, there are no individual gates fees charged at the ballpark.

An individual gate fee is a per person entry fee that is paid upon arrival at the ballpark.

Read our Photo Information Page to learn more about when/where we take photos.

Yes, all teams must provide proof of insurance coverage in order to participate in a Training Legends tournament. Policy limits must meet the following minimums:

$1,000,000 General Liability per Occurrence

$25,000 Accident Medical Limit

$5,000,000 Aggregate Limit

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