Travel Tournament Rules

Training Legends tournament rules are based on the official National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Baseball Rules Book, with minor modifications for age divisions younger than high school.


List of Banned Bats


Roster Rules:

  • A player can NOT play on two different teams in the same tournament.

Player Age Protests

  • If a players age is protested the player in question must produce a valid birth certificate in order to confirm age.
  • Age protests must be filed and brought to tournament director’s attention. If during a game, protest must be filed before umpires leave the field area.
  • The amount of time allowed to provide proof of age is at the discretion of the tournament director.
  • Training Legends recommends having birth certificates on-hand at all times during tournament play
  • If a team is NOT able to provide proof of age in an appropriate amount of time they can be penalized to include forfeit of game(s)

IMPORTANT: If a rule is not covered in the Training Legends Travel Baseball Rules document, the situation will be governed by the NFHS Rules Book. 

Coach Pitch Specific Rules:

  • Safety Arc: There shall be a thirty (30) foot arc drawn from first (1st) baseline to third (3rd) baseline in front of home plate. Infielders must stay behind this line until the ball is hit.
  • Pitching Circle: There shall be a ten (10) foot diameter circle with the front edge at forty-two (42) feet from the rear point of home plate.
  • Pitcher’s Line: There shall be a line drawn from the pitcher’s circle to the safety arc.
  • The Pitching Coach shall keep one foot on or straddle the pitcher’s line. The Pitching Coach can pitch anywhere in-between the 30’ Safety Arc and the 42’ Pitching Circle.
  • The Penalty for not obeying the “30’ Safety/Pitching Arc” rules is “no pitch”.

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