Credits, Refunds & Weather Policies

Our credit and refund policy is divided into two parts: 1) Teams that voluntarily withdraw and 2) Tournament cancellation

Refund Policy for T-Shirt Giveaway Events

If a rainout should occur during a t-shirt giveaway event, a $125 administrative fee will be deducted from any refunds or credits. T-Shirts will be distributed to teams following the rainout. This is to help cover the cost of the t-shirts given to teams.

v. 2024-02-01

Weather Policy

How Weather Related Decisions Are Made

Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate when we want to play ball. The decision process for delaying or cancelling tournaments are as follows:

General Philosophy:

We are ever vigilant regarding the weather because the overriding desire is to play baseball. We are constantly looking to minimize any impact that weather can make on the completion of a tournament. Through trial and error, we have arrived at this six step process:

  1. As soon as we know there is a reasonable chance that foul weather may impact our tournament, we’ll let the coaches know that we are aware and monitoring the situation.
  2. If it rains in the evening or rain is expected, we’ll be on the fields at 6:00 am (or 2 hours before the start of the earliest game) to determine the status of the fields. Our commitment is to send a note to the coaches at 6:30 am (or 90 minutes before the start of the earliest game) to tell them if games are on schedule or if there is a delay.
  3. Our communication will most likely involve multiple messages as we proceed through the process of playing, postponing and/or cancelling the games.
  4. The Training Legends General Rule is: if any field is playable, we’ll start those games on schedule. If any field is not ready for play, we’ll delay the games on that field. If every field is impacted, we’ll delay all games.
    1. If any field is unplayable, we’ll automatically go into a 1 hour delay for that field. If early in the morning, this allows the sun to rise and work can begin on the field to make it playable.
  5. We’ll use the playable fields and play the games originally scheduled for those fields. We won’t prioritize games based upon seeding. For example:
    1. Different age groups are playing on different fields. 9U is playing on Field A and 10U is playing on Field B. If Field B floods, we’ll continue to play the 9U Field A games on Field A as scheduled and we’ll delay the 10U Field B games at least one hour until Field B is in playable condition.
  6. If games are delayed, then time limits may be adjusted for all scheduled games. Any time limit imposed on championship games will be at the discretion of the site director. Time limits will be determined based upon ability to complete games on the field. This is done so that the days are not any longer than necessary for the players. We consider whether the players have school the next day. We consider how far teams have travelled to play and how their return trip might be if we play late into the evening. Finally, most parks are under strict light ordinances (many lights are on timers), and we must abide by these ordinances. We want to play complete games before the lights automatically turn off.

Special Weather Situations

  1. Weather Policy:
    1. Official Game:
      1. A 5U-12U game will be considered an official game if it reaches 3 complete innings (2.5 completed innings with the home team leading).
      2. A 13U or older game will be considered an official game if it reaches 4 complete innings (3.5 completed innings with the home team leading).
      3. Games that do not reach these thresholds are not Official Games.
    2. Weather Delay: Once a game is an Official Game, there is a 45 minute window to resume the game. After 45 minutes, if the game is not resumed, the game is cancelled and considered final and official.
    3. If a tournament is cancelled during bracket play due to weather:
      1. If every team has not completed the first game of bracket play, then seeding is the determining factor for the finishing places.
      2. If every team has completed at least 1 game of bracket play, then the highest remaining seeds would be the determining factor in awarding championships

v. 2020-02-01


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