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As baseball families first, we understand the hard work and perseverance that are characteristic of the teams and players at our events. Whether the player is a veteran travel ball star, or a first-time participant in tournament baseball, the effort and the desire to perform well and make memories is consistent. With our burgeoning photography services, we strive to capture the big plays and highlights, as well as the fun and candid moments that make youth baseball so special.

Much of our work can be seen on our Facebook page, and we have a little fun on Instagram, too!

See below for selected team galleries and click through for options to purchase hi-res, watermark free digital images. Email to find out if a gallery can be created for your team!

We do our best to cover as many teams as possible each week; please email if you’d like to learn about affordable package options to guarantee coverage for your team in a given event.

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8UKP Coach's Poll Results

8uKP Coaches’ Poll Results

Week 7 4/15/2018   Week 6 3/28/2018
Rank Team   Rank Team
(were 4)
East Cobb Astros – Orange 1
(were 2)
Gainesville Braves
(were 2)
Archer Tigers 2
(were 4)
Archer Tigers
(were 7)
Sandy Plains Wildcats 3
(were 6)
BigStix Gamers (Chaffin)
Gainesville Braves 4
(were 5)
East Cobb Astros – Orange
(were 8)
Oregon Park Sharks 5
(were 1)
The Club (Red)
(were 6)
Meridian Panthers 6
(were 3)
Meridian Panthers
Force Baseball Academy (Gratzer) 7
(were 8)
Sandy Plains Wildcats
(were 5)
The Club (Red) 8
(were 7)
Oregon Park Sharks
(were 10)
Dingers Athletics 9
(were 10)
(were 3)
BigStix Gamers (Chaffin) 10
(were 9)
Dingers Athletics

If you’re an 8uKP coach in our system, look for an email from us each Monday with a link to rank the teams.Thank you to the 8uKP coaches who voted this week!

Results are posted each Wednesday.