All Star Tournament rules

Training Legends All Star tournament rules are based on the official National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Baseball Rules Book, with minor modifications for age divisions younger than high school.

IMPORTANT: If a rule is not covered in the Training Legends All Star Tournament Rules document, the situation will be governed by the NFHS Rules Book. 

Clipboard Rules - 2019 - All Star-1

**** Special notes for Coach Pitch Teams ****

1. There will be four outfielders.
2. There are five pitches. The batter is out if there are three strikes before the fifth pitch. No foul outs. If a batter fouls off the fifth pitch, the batter continues to hit until he swings and misses or puts the ball into play. 
3. Seven runs maximum per inning.
4. Each game is six innings.
5. Time is called when the runners have stopped. No player can call “Time”. Only the umpire can call "Time".
6. All teams must have a catcher in gear. The catcher can stand at the backstop or squat behind the plate.
7. Batters do not have to wear face guards.
8. The pitcher does not have to wear a face guard.
9. Players may not play with a cast.

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