Pitching Policy

In order to protect the health of young arms, Training Legends is imposing limits on the number of innings a player may pitch in a tournament:

  • As soon as a player throws 1 pitch, it is considered an inning pitched.
  • These limits are in effect for all tournaments, regardless of how many days the tournament runs.
  • Through the first 4 games, a pitcher may throw:
    • 8u – 12u  = 6 innings
    • 13u – 14u = 7 innings
    • 15u+ = 7 innings
  • An additional inning is added for every game after the 4th game in a tournament. For example, in the 5th game, a 12u player’s limit increases to 7 innings. In the 6th game, the 12u player’s limit increases to 8 innings. And so on.
  • There are no limits on the number of appearances by a pitcher in a day or in the tournament.
  • Managers from both teams must sign scorecards after the game in order to verify innings pitched by all players and to prevent issues in subsequent games.
  • A pitcher shall receive at least 8 warm-up pitches from the mound on the initial appearance in the game and 5 warmup pitches at the start of every subsequent inning in the same game.  The umpire may allow more pitches at his discretion, but not fewer pitches. At the player’s discretion, the player may choose to throw fewer warmup pitches. 
  • If pitching violations are detected, the situation will be reviewed and the tournament director, or his representative (e.g., site director), will determine the consequences. Consequences may include, but are not limited to, the following actions:
    • Immediate removal of pitcher from the game
    • Ejection of the coach and/or the player
    • Forfeiture of the game
    • Team ejection from the tournament
    • Team suspension from future tournaments.

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