Players Combine Open Tryouts



This event is open to travel, all-star, and rec baseball players, and is designed to provide an opportunity for players try out in front of multiple teams in their age group in a single session. See the list of teams looking for players here.

Players will be able to demonstrate their skills in front of coaches and will receive a performance summary of speeds and velocities as they prepare for the 2018/19 season.

Rec and All-Star players: This is a great chance to get ready for skills day for the fall season at your park!

Travel players: Have fun in a great environment with your peers! If you’re looking for a team, we’ll share your information and performance summary with coaches who are looking to fill a roster spot!

All players will receive a Training Legends t-shirt as well as a performance summary based on their performance at the event.


  • 7/14/2019: Marietta, GA (Titans Sports Academy), 9U/10U/11U/12U, 12 PM – 4 PM


1. Select “Yes! I’m looking for a team” to take full advantage of the Players Combine experience. You will receive the t-shirt and performance summary online, and your performance details will be shared with coaches who have roster openings. Coaches will be able to contact you if they are interested in potentially adding you as a team member. This is best for players who are evaluating options for teams to join for 2019/20.
2. Select “No. I just want a t-shirt and my stats” to take advantage of the evaluation service we’re providing. You’ll get a shirt and performance details online, but coaches looking for players will not have access to your performance details and will not be able to contact you through our system. This is best for players who already have a team or are committed to play in recreational league.
Full details on the Players Combine are here.
* Online Registration closes 24-48 hours before event start time.

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